Dental Hygiene


 Teeth Cleanings by an experienced and gentle Dental Hygienist.

Portable Dental X-Rays


FDA Approved Digital X-ray Services that can be shared with your physician or dentist.

Deep Cleanings


Ultrasonic and Hand Scalings are performed by our Dental Hygienist, who is a former Dental School Clinic Lecturer.

Limpiezas Profundas


Herramientas de Mano y Ultrasonicas son utilizadas por el Hygienista que a sido Catedratico en la Facultad de Odontologia.

Medi-Cal Provider


Medi-Cal can cover your Deep Cleaning at your home or senior community.

Medi-Cal de Emergencia


Acceptamos Medi-Cal de Embarazo y de Emergencia y esto le cubre su Limpieza Profunda.


This MOBILE DENTAL HYGIENE OFFICE sole purpose is to provide the Best Teeth Cleanings you've ever had!

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist Alternative Practice who is licensed to provide dental hygiene services to people that have difficulty getting to a dental office. 

I excel with patients who fear or hate going to a dentist.

When I'm not treating patients at their homes, I am cleaning teeth at Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Assisted Living  and Psychiatric Facilities.
I am also a Medi-Cal provider and I can see Emergency-Pregnant Medi-Cal patients.


I hope this gives you a better idea about who I am. If you want to know more about my degrees and experience, I'll tell you all about those things when I see you or your family member...

El objetivo de esta oficina es de darle al paciente, "La Mejor Limpieza Odontologica que han Tenido!"

Soy un Hygienista Dental con una licencia adicional para ser independiente.

Me especializo en ver pacientes con fobia de visitar a una clinica dental. 

Cuando no estoy tratando pacientes en su domicilio, visito a pacientes en Residencias de la Tercera Edad, Hospitales, Huerfanatos o Hospitales de Salud Mental.

Acepto Medi-Cal y también puedo ver a personas que tienen Medi-Cal de Emergencia y que estan Embarazadas.


Ojala esto le ayuda a tener una mejor idea de quien soy. Sí tiene preguntas de mis estudios de post-grado y cosas así, hay platicamos cuando haga una cita para su limpieza de dientes.



Years in the Dental Field


Years as a Dental Hygienist


Aaron Benitez, RDHAP, MSDH

Dental Hygienist



“Aaron me pudo limpiar mis dientes cuando todos los dentistas no podian cobrar a Medical."

“BEST CLEANING EVER!! He didnt hurt me at all.”

“I am truly blessed to have found Aaron. I was being charged hundreds of dollars for laser cleanings and he did my deep cleaning and took the time to go over things and talk to me.”

Magaly Ramirez

Nathalie Oliver

Rebecca Aguilar




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